Friday, November 28, 2008

Yellowstone: November 28, 2008

While waiting outside at 6 am on Black Friday for a mystery amounted gift card at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, I finished Tim Cahill's "Lost in My Backyard - A Walk in Yellowstone National Park". It was a good and fast read, and I particulalry like the last section of the book on three backcountry treks. It's a good psych up book. I also particulary liked the section at the end of the book including the descriptions and critique of other suggested readings. Unfortunately, a quick online search of the Virignia Beach public library turned up none of the titles. How can that be?! I will check the Norfolk Public Library to see if that turns out better. If not, it's off to Amazon for some used books.

I did get one book of photos from the VB library and it was great to leaf through it with my kids. The Upper Geyser Basin looks awesome. Hope it's not too crowded!

Oh yeah. My mystery gift card was $1.00 I bought an aluminum water bottle to replace the BPA one I threw out. I will carry it with me so no more plastic bottled water for me from now on!