Thursday, April 22, 2010

Family Trip to Yellowstone Day 5

August 22, 2009
Canyon Campground

Kathi made french toast and BACON for breakfast - yum! We were going to need sustainanace becase today we were hiking around the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We started by parking the car at Inspiration Point of the North Rim.

The view from Inspiration Point...

The family hiled along the north rim trail and was bowled over by the vivid colors of the canyon and the beautiful scenery. In my mind, this was way better than Old Faithful. We stopped at Grand View and Lookout Point.

On the way to Lookout Point....

Lower Falls...

Not wanting to hike back to the car, Kathi and the girls stayed put and I offered to hitchhike back to the car - be back soon I said. Well, between the full cars and the retirees giving me dubios and steely eyes of distrust, I ended up hoofing it all the way back to the car at Inspiration Point.

Pickup up la familia and drove to the Brink of the Lower Falls. We hiked down the steep and switchbacking trail to the bottom. It seemed pretty trecherous so we were careful as we picked out way down. We were amazed that there were kids working baby strollers down that steep trail. A ranger told us people go over the falls every year! Yikes!

Pictures from the Brink!

We we got to the bottom, the scene was amazing! As the trail name says, you're at the brink of the falls. The force of the water going over the falls makes a loud roar while the river leading up to the edge looks so serene. We couldn't believe there were tourists climbing up the cliff face above the safety of the brink platform so that they could have their picture taen - kids too! Yuo, people go over the falls every year. Apparently, some people commit suicide there too.

We took in the beautiful falls, the beautiful canyon, the rainbows, everything. Best, must-see, #1 attraction in Yellowstone!

Kathi took the car to find out about horseback riding and I hiked the south rim trail and we agreed to meet up at the Brink of the Upper Falls trail. It was an easy and pleasant trail with waterfalls at the Cascade Creek crossing and reoccuring vistas of the canyon and river. I think I may have seen 20 people out of the thousands that were at the automobile stopping points.

We rendezvoused at Artist Point.

On the way back, we enjoyed seeing a herd of mule deer. Dana and I tried to get closer for a photo, but as we got closer, they kept their distance. Back and Canyon, dad went to check out the backcountry office and then we all did a little shopping. Dinner was sausage and peppers and garlic bread. Yum! We did laundry and Hailey took a shower. Dana's feet were black and filthy, but she refused to take a shower. Yellowstone does not lend itself to angst so instead of fighting, we went to bed.

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