Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Trip to Myrtle Beach, Feb 2013

Last weekend, the family loaded the Prius and headed to Myrtle Beach to visit Mom and Pop.

Saturday we took Hailey and Dana to Broadway at the Beach in search of the Disney store (for Hailey).  We window shopped and had lunch at Johnny Rockets with lots of folks that were in town for a marathon. 

Not finding the Disney store, Kathi used her phone to locate it in North Myrtle and off we went.  Hailey was overwhelmed with all the wonderful choices and walked out with a little mermaid plushie (shocker!).

We went to church early Saturday evening and then watched (in horror) as Duke lost to Maryland in a nail-biter.

Sunday, we had a nice full breakfast and then turned the golf cart south towards Charleston.  The southeast wildlife festival was in full swing at Marion Square and we got to see all kinds predatory birds and a live demonstration with some desert hawks.  COOL!

We shopped along King Street and made the obligatory stop at Robot Candy for Dana.
Here she is standing with her 3 lb jawbreaker the size of a boccie ball!

Hailey got some clothes at Urban Outfitters, Dana had a crepe from the street vendor, and we leisurely made our way to Queen Street and then over to the Waterfront Park.  We stopped at one of Kathi's favorite stores, Indigo, and then hit the swings out on the pier. 

The City of Charleston does a great job of landscaping their parks with flowers and colorful vegetation everywhere!

I love the architecture in Charleston and the way residents take pains to dress up the street fronts.  Flower boxes are everywhere.

We got home from Charleston late Sunday after stopping and checking out the historic district of McClellanville - beautiful, but bound to get whacked in any number of coming coastal storms and associated flooding.  

Monday we had the nicest weather - of course, because we had to leave.  Hailey and I made one last attempt to find a shark's tooth among the myriad of small shell caches.  

Meanwhile, Dana, as is her nature, tempted the gulls with a free meal.  Here she is with her circle of friends.  

Of course, there's nothing better than to be chased by marauding gulls!

 Of course, in the end, she is the victor.

We had a safe and uneventful drive home and were glad to see our Bodie again.  Let's hope it's not too painful getting back into his good graces.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

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